AutoPractice – Master these driving maneuvers!



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Description AutoPractice – Master these driving maneuvers!

The driving instructor for your front pocket All driving maneuvers relevant for your test are simply and clearly animated. Each step is explained in detail. Your phone becomes a driving instructor - when your real instructor's elsewhere.

Difficult maneuvers explained simply:

  • Sideways parking
  • Front parking
  • Rear parking
  • Single-lane roundabouts
  • Multi­lane roundabouts
  • Three point turn
  • U-turns
  • Driving backwards
  • Access lanes for emergency vehicles
    and many others...

Step by step to safe driving: Simple to understand animations and clear instructions for every step make each difficult maneuver easy as pie.

Your learning progress: How good are you already? Assess your maneuvers and you will keep the overview of your learning success.

For driving instructors and parents: With AutoPraxis, driving instructors and parents can show the current maneuver in animated form, explaining and assessing.

Feedback: If you have questions or suggestions, please send your opinion to

Releasenotes 1.1.12

Optimized for iOS10 and iPhone 7, 7+